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Treasure hunt along the Sculpture path

Themed trails

Set off to discover the animals of the sculpture path with a walk dotted with little riddles and missions, to the great delight of children!





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Equipped with their adventure booklet, which can be collected from Nendaz Tourisme or downloaded online, the children set off on their adventure and return to the Tourist Information Office to collect their treasure. Several routes are available in summer and winter in Nendaz and the surrounding area.

Cheesy got up this morning in a great mood. Today she’s meeting her friend Marguerite. Once every month, they see each other to graze together on the pasture. Before their nap, they go for a stroll, chatting on the way towards the Printse for a little paddle.
When she arrives at Marguerite’s pace, Cheesy quickly realizes that something’s not quite right : her friend isn’t waiting for her as she usually is in front of the stable. The door is open and inside, what a mess : bales of hay are scattered everywhere, the water trough has been knocked over and no sign of Marguerite anywhere. Cheesy is very worried. Not giving in to panic, she decides to investigate. After inspecting the little stable, she concludes that Marguerite has been kidnapped !

Without hesitation, the brave Cheesy is determined to find her friend. So she sets off to question the inhabitants to gather as many clues as possible. Through her interrogations, she obtained a list of the people Marguerite has been seen with in the last few days, as well as the shady individuals who have been hanging around lately.

The task is difficult and she can' t find Marguerite on her own. She needs you ! Are you ready for this adventure ?

Help Cheesy in her investigation by solving the riddles along the way. At each post, you can eliminate suspects. At the end, only one will remain !

Useful information

Recommended age : 5-12 years

On the way

Nendaz Tourisme

Tourist Information Office

Picnic place at the Antenna


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