Florian Bouvet-Fournier

My story

About 11 years ago, at the end of summer, an adorable Hérens cow, named Cheesy, was born on one of the great pasture of the region. Now she is spending her happy childhood there with her sister Gala, her mother Tina, a powerful queen cow who has already been victorious during numerous cow fights and her father Minos, a magnificent bull.

Cheesy goes to school in Nendaz. During her free time, she enjoys walking, especially along the bisses, as well as mountain biking. Unlike her other cow friends, she doesn’t dream of becoming a queen cow because she doesn’t enjoy fighting. During the winter, Cheesy adores skiing down the slopes of the 4 Vallées and enjoying the breathtaking view from the Mont-Fort. But what she prefers above all, is to laugh and play with the children who pass by her pen. It is for them that she has created, with her friend Hector the squirrel, a treasure hunt along the ‘bare foot path’ in Siviez.

This winter, she has been a little bored in her cowshed, far from the lush mountain pastures and the families who pass by to say hello. Luckily for her that her parents often took her skiing.

Her mother, Tina, tried in vain to reassure her and to remind her that, once summer gets underway, she will go back up on to the mountain pastures and meet lots of children again. But Cheesy was still very sad.

So, in the spring, to help her take her mind off things, her father Minos suggested that she try out the new treasure hunt designed by Nendaz Tourisme along the sculpture path. Cheesy, accompanied by her sister and her friend Hector, enthusiastically set off on this new adventure. They had great fun searching for the various forest animals. As well as easily winning their reward, the three friends made a surprising discovery: they saw a big poster that Nendaz Tourisme was looking for a mascot.

Become a mascot? Of course, here was the perfect solution for Cheesy! This was her big chance to spend more time with the children and to never be sad again. Without wasting a second, she hurried home to tell her parents of her new project. For them, Cheesy was far too young to carry out this mission. She had plenty of time to make this dream come true later.

Upset, Cheesy went to see her friend Hector to ask for his advice. Hector, who thinks she is very funny and that she would be perfect for the job, encouraged her to take a chance and apply for the position. When they arrived at Nendaz Tourisme she felt overwhelmed with doubt. All kinds of animals had turned up for the occasion : goats, marmots, sheep and even some fellow cows. At the sight of all these competitors, Cheesy had hundreds of question flying through her head: And what if her parents had been right after all ? And what if she did lack experience ?

After a few minutes of waiting, it was her turn to present herself. It was too late to hesitate, she had to show that she was made for the job. In less than five short minutes, she swept the jury off their feet with her communicative cheerfulness and her enthusiasm. They were unanimous : they decided that Cheesy would be a wonderful mascot.