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Bisse du Milieu - Bisse Vieux

Summer hikes

Set off to explore the length of the valley along the Bisse du Milieu and the Bisse Vieux.




3h 20m

Variation in altitude


Level of difficulty


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Set off towards the hamlet of Planchouet and its magnificent mountain chapel! The departure of the Bisse du Milieu is located at about 200 metres after Nendaz Tourisme, opposite the "Pam" supermarket. Stop for a moment in front of the chapel to enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Take a break for something to eat in one of the three restaurants in Planchouet before setting back towards Haute-Nendaz. Follow the tarmac road uphill for about 15 minutes towards the main road, cross this road to find the departure of the bisse Vieux, which leads you back to the resortalong a pleasant path.

A bisse, what is that ?
The bisses were, originally, irrigation channels allowing farmers to divert water from rivers to irrigate their crops located on the mountain sides. They are true historical relics, bearing witness to the Valaisans’ relentless fight against drought. What also makes them so special is their construction. Indeed, the channels had to adapt to different terrain and different environments along the way, giving rise to impressive masterpieces, especially when one imagines what the means of construction were at the time. Out of the 8 bisses located in Nendaz, 6 still have water flowing between their banks and are still performing their initial task of irrigation.

Why is it worth the detour ?
In addition to their rich history and heritage value, the bisses are also popular hiking itineraries. Fairly easy and flat, shady and of course waterside, they are particularly pleasant to hike along and allow everyone to enjoy magnificent landscapes. What is more, they will impress you with the technical prowess of their builders: see how the bisse gets round a rock face along the Bisse Vieux with the help of a small waterfall along some stone stairs.

Local recommandations:
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On the way

Nendaz Tourisme

Tourist Information Office

Bisse du Milieu

Natural site

Picnic place on the Bisse du Milieu


Planchouet Chapel

Architecture & monuments

Restaurant les Bisses


Restaurant of Planchouet


Bisse Vieux

Natural site

Picnic place on the Bisse Vieux