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Bisse du Milieu

Natural site

The Bisse du Milieu has two special features: it can be taken directly from the centre of the resort and is accessible in both summer and winter.

Taking its source at 1,460 metres above sea level and dating back to 1700, this 5-kilometre-long bisse is still in use today. It is used to irrigate raspberries and crops in the region of Haute-Nendaz and Basse-Nendaz. From Planchouet, the bisse descends towards the Bleusy, then flows towards the centre of the resort where it becomes a torrent, called the Tsâblo torrent, which in fact feeds the mill of the same name. It then plunges into the valley to join the Printse.


The bisses were originally irrigation channels that diverted water from the rivers to water the farm land crops growing on the mountain slopes. They are true historical relics and bear witness to the Valaisans' relentless fight against drought. It is their construction that makes them so special. Indeed, these channels had to adapt to the different terrain and environments encountered along the way, giving rise to impressive workmanship, especially when we imagine what the means of construction were at the time. The bisses of our region take their source from the Printse, a river that flows along our valley. Of the eight bisses located in Nendaz, six still have water flowing within their banks and are still carrying out their original task of irrigation.


The charming little Bleusy chapel is on the way. It is one of the mid-mountain chapels built in the 1930s on the site where the cattle is moved up to spring grazing. The parish priest used to come here to celebrate mass, which saved the peasants from having to travel all the way to the church in Basse-Nendaz. This charming little building is worth a visit, summer and winter alike! Indeed, the Bisse du Milieu is maintained in such a way as to be accessible even in winter as far as Le Bleusy.


If you are interested in discovering the bisses, kill two birds with one stone and walk two of our bisses by combining this hike with the Bisse Vieux! Indeed, between them, these bisses form a charming loop between Haute-Nendaz and Planchouet.

  • Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
  • Picnic area available
  • Panorama / belvedere

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  • Not wheelchair-accessible
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