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Everyone gets to run at their own pace thanks to our 18 running tracks with start points at Haute-Nendaz, Siviez and Veysonnaz. There are easy tracks for beginners, and more demanding ones for the more seasoned runner.

18 routes
dedicated to trail runners

Our route suggestions

Trail running course Dents Rousses

This trail, combining technical passages and long-term stamina, allows you to discover the most beautiful landscapes of Nendaz.

Trail running course Basso d'Alou

This technical course is ideal for a long outing combining very technical parts and an 'easier' part along the Bisse de Saxon.

Trail running course Bisse de Chervé

This trail offers a magnificent view of the Cleuson Dam

Trail running course 24 contours

It is very likely that you encounter some 'Hérens' breed of cows on these pastures.

Trail running course la Combire

Departing from Siviez, this route takes you through the charming hamlet of Planchouet and leads you past its little chapel, which dates back to 1931

Trail running course Dent de Nendaz

Pass by the Lac de Tracouet, then climb to the top of the beautiful Dent de Nendaz, before following a section of the magnificent Basso d'Alou Pass

Trail running course Sofleu

This easy trail with very little variation in altitude is ideal to initiate in trail running.

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Our runs vary from 5km and 70km in length, with elevations between 436m and 3590m and are open to all.

Our runs are not marked out along the terrain, apart from the three Nendaz Trail itineraries. To make sure you don’t get lost, download our mobile app "Nendaz Veysonnaz Outdoor" that shows all the tracks.

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Stéphane Aymon, trail running enthusiast

"When you run you feel light, free and in tune with nature."

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The Dent de Nendaz Challenge

Grab your trainers for the Dent de Nendaz challenge


Nendaz Trail

Two loop trail running courses, one 18 kilometers long and the other 30 kilometers long departing from the centre of the resort of Nendaz.