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Bisse de Vex

Natural site

Built over 500 years ago, the bisse was originally used to irrigate the surrounding pastures. Today, it offers an easy and very popular walk for families. The gentle gurgling of the water and the surrounding scenery invites you to daydream as you walk along.

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The Bisse de Vex takes its source in the Printse river at 1500 metres above sea level in the picturesque hamlet of Planchouet. Through wooden troughs, underground passages or channels dug into the ground, the water flows peacefully over a distance of 12 kilometres to Les Mayens-de-Sion. It first waters the mid-mountain pastures and then runs through the forest for several kilometres before emerging into the dry meadows above the hamlet of Clèbes. The bisse then passes through the charming village of Veysonnaz and continues through the forest to Les Mayens-de-Sion.

In 1453 the inhabitants of Vex, needing water to irrigate their fields, applied to Nendaz, at that time under the control of the Duke of Savoy, to obtain permission to collect water from the Printse by building a canal to bring it to Vex. An agreement was signed under the condition that the inhabitants of Vex would deliver each year, instead of those of Nendaz, a wooden beam of Larch to the town of Sion for the maintenance of the bridge over the River Rhone. Original documents dating back to 1453 and 1476 are deposited in the archives of both municipalities.

With the decline in farming and the introduction of more modern watering systems, the bisse fell into disuse and was abandoned in 1971. Thanks to the initiative committee for the reconstruction of the Bisse de Vex whose members were from Nendaz, the bisse was put back in water on September 30th 2000. Today it is one of the most beautiful bisses in the Valais and a magnificent family walk.

In winter the bisse is open between Veysonnaz and les Mayens-de-Sion and between Veysonnaz and Verrey, the rest of the path is closed due to the danger of avalanches.

  • Car park with varying fees
  • Picnic area available
  • Playground

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Veysonnaz Tourisme Route de Magrappé 42
1993 Veysonnaz +41 27 207 10

Useful information

The bisse has water flowing within its banks from mid-May to mid-October depending on the weather conditions

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