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Bisse de Baar

Natural site

The Bisse de Baar offers you an amazing view over the Rhone Valley. Another great feature is that being the lowest bisse in the region of Nendaz, it is pretty much accessible a large part of the year.

The Bisse de Baar takes its source above the château de Brignon, at 840 metres above sea level. It is still used to water the fields and crops of Baar, Salins and Sion (Maragnenaz), especially the numerous apricot orchards.
With its 6 kilometres in length, departing from Brignon, it passes through vineyards, dry prairies and fields of apricots.

The construction of this bisse goes back to before 1456. In that year, a convention was signed between the people of Arvillard and Turin accompanied by a representative of the Bishop of Sion on the one hand and the people of the of Brignon and Baar on the other. The latter gave the bishop and his associates permission to take water from the existing channel under certain conditions, including the widening of the bisse at their own expense.


The bisses were originally irrigation channels that diverted water from the rivers to water the farm land crops growing on the mountain slopes. They are true historical relics and bear witness to the Valaisans' relentless fight against drought. It is their construction that makes them so special. Indeed, these channels had to adapt to the different terrain and environments encountered along the way, giving rise to impressive workmanship, especially when we imagine what the means of construction were at the time. The bisses of our region take their source from the Printse, a river that flows along our valley. Of the eight bisses located in Nendaz, six still have water flowing within their banks and are still carrying out their original task of irrigation.

  • Summer, Autumn, Spring
  • Panorama / belvedere


  • Not wheelchair-accessible
  • Parking places not wheelchair-accessible

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