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Trail running course Combire-Meina

Trail running

This amazing trail running course takes you from the resort of Veysonnaz at 1,350 metres to the Greppon Blanc at 2,671 metres. The itinerary varies between steep climbs, hilly passages, descents through the forest, the mountain pastures or along the ridges, it can present technical difficulties on the upper sections.





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The departure is in front of the Magrappé Hotel. The route begins on the track to the tennis courts and then joins the path known as "Fevouet". The ascent is steep and long, 900 metres in difference in altitude in six and a half kilometres. It first crosses the Mayens de Veysonnaz, then the Crêtes de Poé to the "plat de Poé" where the inalpe takes place at the end of June. Finally, it ends in Thyon and reaches the top station of the Veysonnaz gondola. Despite the presence of two restaurants, it is not yet time to take a break, as the climb continues up the Cheminée ski slope to the Crêtes de Thyon at around 2,410 metres. The view opens out onto the majestic mountains of the Val d'Hérens.

The following section takes place on the ridges, in a magnificent aerial setting. You climb the various mountains of the range, each one a little higher than the last: Mont-Carré 2,468 metres, Mont-Rouge 2,490 metres, easily recognizable by its red earth and cross, the proud Mont-Loéré 2,578 metres, also decorated with a cross, and finally the Col du Greppon Blanc 2,671 metres above sea level.

From Greppon Blanc, the course begins its descent first of all towards the Meina where the Hérens cows graze during the summer. It then returns to Thyon 2000, via the Ancien bisse de Chervé. This part of the trail is easy and very pleasant to run, through the mountain pastures and the Forêt Noire, up to the piste de l'Ours ski slope, and the plats de Thyon.

The descent to the village begins along the water pipe, behind the Thyon 2000 buildings. Take a last look at the Dent Blanche and a nod to the Matterhorn before entering the magnificent Forêt de l'Ours bear forest). The route takes you to the Gouilli d'En Haut, a natural pond nestled in the heart of the forest, crosses the piste de l'Ours and continues on a wild and steep footpath flanking the edge of the wood and the mid-mountain chalets.

The return to the hotel Magrappé, your starting point, means the end of a beautiful and adventurous run.

On the way

Restaurant Le Mont-Rouge Veysonnaz


Restaurant La Combyre



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Restaurant Les Chottes


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