Florian Bouvet-Fournier

In the land of the bisses

The area’s historic mountain water irrigation channels, called ‘bisses’, form a striking network of waterside walks that at times thread through delightful villages, and at other times are perched high up. Children and adults just love these easy-level walks, all through spring and autumn.



98km of walks
accessible to all

Bisses that are already open

Bisse du Milieu

In summer as well in winter, a very pleasant walk surrounded by nature along an ancient irrigation channel leading you from Haute-Nendaz to Planchouet

Bisse de Baar

A beautiful bisse passing through dry prairies and apricot orchards

Bisse d'en Bas

A cool and shady walk in a wild natural setting

Bisse de Salins

An impressive bisse dating back to the Middle Ages

Bisse de Vex

The gem of the region's bisses

Our loveliest walks alongside the bisses

Hike Bisse du Milieu - Bisse d'en Bas

Beautiful walk allowing you to discover the wildest of the bisses in Nendaz

Bisse du Milieu - Bisse Vieux

Come and discover the authentic hamlet of Planchouet located along the water's edge !

Hike Bisse de Salins - Bisse de Baar

A loop following two "bisses" (irrigation channels) that lead you through the apricot orchards

Hike Bisse de Salins - Bisse de Vex

A hike along two bisses offering stunning views over the Val de Nendaz

Hike Bisse de Chervé

Magnificent high altitude hike along a spectacular bisse with a breathtaking view over the dam

Hike Bisse de Vex - Bisse Vieux

Nice easy walk along two bisses with water flowing within their banks

Hike Bisse de Saxon

Walk from Siviez to Haute-Nendaz along the longest bisse in the Valais

Florian Bouvet

Our hot pick

Bisses Delights

Come and enjoy a gourmet walk along the bisses with a break in the charming hamlet of Planchouet, where you can enjoy a 3-course meal featuring local specialities.

Our 8 bisses

Dug into the ground, carved or suspended within rocky walls: each bisse water channel is a mark of our rich history.

Learn more about their history

The bisse shuttle

A shuttle that takes you to Veysonnaz

The bisse shuttle – ‘navette des bisses’ – is a quick and easy way to get to Veysonnaz so that you can walk back alongside the Vex and Vieux bisses.