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Guided walk on the Bisses

Outdoor Activities

Come and learn more about the famous bisses of Nendaz and their history !

Nendaz is not named Bisses country by accident. Indeed, there are eight historic irrigation channels in the Nendaz region. Whether they cross through villages or are perched high in the mountains, these gentle walks are enjoyed by both children and adults alike, from spring through to autumn.

Originally, these irrigation canals were used to divert water from the rivers to the crops located on the mountain side. True historical relics, they bear witness to the relentless struggle of the Valaisans against drought. It is their construction that makes them so special. Indeed, the canals had to adapt to the different types of terrain and environments encountered along the way, which gave rise to impressive structures, especially when one imagines what the construction methods of the time were. The bisses in our municipality take their source from the Printse, a river that flows down through our valley. Of the eight bisses in Nendaz, six still have water flowing within their banks and still carry out their original irrigation function

To learn more about this incredible part of our heritage, take part in a guided walk on the Bisses with our mid-mountain guide, Yvette Martignoni. The Bisses will no longer hold any of their secrets from you!

  • Suitable for families
  • Summer, Autumn, Spring


Single rate
Per group200.- CHF

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