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Show "On est pas si ringards"

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This play, written by and featuring Anthony Fournier, Célina Ramsauer and Yves Moulin, mixes theatricals, comedy and music.

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This show combining games, music and confessions is the meeting of three artists with very different personalities. Even though we quickly realize that they have something in common, it is not necessarily what we think that bonds them closely.

« On n’est pas si ringards » is an original creation written by 30 fingers, on paper, on musical instruments and in the air. Three different approaches for a show where the artists speak, sing, laugh, play and simply "are"! Discover the gentle, funny and unexpected world of these three individuals.


    Anilec Productions -
    3960 Sierre +41 79 342 72 83


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    Entrée30.- CHF

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