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MTB - E-bike Veysonnaz - Dixence

MTB & E-bike

This beautiful tour through the Val des Dix takes you through the narrow streets of traditional villages and takes you to the Grande Dixence dam. The route is very varied and alternates between tarmac roads and off-road paths, as well as uphill and downhill stretches. It is very long, totalling 45 kilometres, and requires good physical fitness, even with electric assistance.





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On the route de l'Ours, after the car park, a path takes you to the bisse de Vex, to be followed exceptionally for a few metres before plunging into the forest to join the Mayens-de-Salins road. At the village of Les Agettes, follow the main road to the Chapelle de la Visitation on the left. A relatively narrow and steep path must be taken for about 200 metres upstream from the chapel to join the rest of the route towards Ypresse.
The hamlet of Ypresse, on the heights of Vex, will certainly charm you with its beautiful traditional houses renovated with character. A small deviation from the officially signposted mountain bike route is proposed here to allow you to cross the equally charming hamlet of Les Prasses and thus avoid the main road. Even if you choose to follow the official signposting, aim for the next objective, which is the village of Hérémence, capital of the Val des Dix.
Hérémence is easily recognisable by its church, whose particular architecture and concrete design give a remarkable allure to the village, which is also very well maintained and preserved with its traditional wooden buildings. The route passes under the church, and continues straight on at the next hairpin bend along a dirt track.
Prolin, Mâche, la Mâchette, you can explore all these small hamlets, which are located sometimes above the main road, sometimes below, to finally join this same road and follow it to Pralong, then on to the Grande Dixence dam.
The return leg follows the same road to Praperrot, recognisable by its refreshment bar. Some 200 metres further down, turn left onto La Planie, a slightly downhill slope that leads to Les Masses. There remains the last descent to Veysonnaz. The most courageous are still invited to take a short detour along the forestry track to avoid a bit of tarmac road and the others can simply follow the main road back to their starting point in Veysonnaz.

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