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The Saint of Siviez

The Saint of Siviez

At Siviez is a large flat stone on which you'll find the imprint of two knees sunk into the stone. People say that these are the traces of the Saint of Siviez. Find out more about his legend!

A long time ago, a solitary and mysterious man lived in this secluded spot far from any settlement. He never left his hideaway - not even to attend Sunday mass. Villagers were of the view that this was a serious deficiency, notwithstanding the distance, and denounced him to the parish priest who summoned him to his residence to remind him of what was expected of him.

One Sunday morning, the hermit went to visit the man of the cloth, who straight away explained to him why he had been summoned. Just then, a sunray pierced the room in which the two men were talking. The hermit took off his heavy coat and threw it onto the sun ray that then became solid and held up the coat. The hermit turned to the astonished priest and motioned him to do likewise - but the coat belonging to the man of the church fell to the ground.

The priest discarded his scruples upon seeing this, and - imbued with great respect for the man in his presence - begged the man his pardon, and the hermit then returned to his mountain and resumed his life of contemplation.

The years went by, and then one joyous spring day the parish church bells began to ring of their own accord, without anyone doing anything. The good priest instantly thought: It's the Saint, whose life over there has come to an end. He went to the hermit's cave, together with a few other men - and there on a beautiful bed adorned with flowers was the Saint sleeping his final sleep, surrounded by two altar candles lit by the angels of the Sky.

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