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The legend of the stone scree of Dzerjonna

The legend of the stone scree of Dzerjonna

Haute-Nendaz was once upon a time a happy, comfortable place thanks to the prosperity that was a result of the cultivation of its fertile fields. The country people there were charitable, and distributed the fruits of the earth to the poor.
Lucifer was jealous, however, and did not like these people who were not sending him his allocation of deceased souls to his hellfires. So the swindling Lucifer decided to strike the brave people by rolling the stones that formed a rock on the sides of Tracouet onto the fields.

His minions, all in close formation, proceeded to do his dirty work and roared with the effort of doing so, raging as they went. The noise alerted the villagers, and they set about ringing the 'Metsotta' - the bell of the chapel of Saint-Michel - to summon the assistance of the village's patron saint. The crystalline sound of the bell disturbed the devil's minions, and they became disorganised.
- Pull! - ordered those that were pushing.
- Push! - ordered that were pulling.

Everyone was worn out and exhausted - and the stone were not moving. Eventually they were abandoned in a stack on a sloping ledge in the middle of the pine forest, and became a stretch of stones - the 'Lapey de Dzerjonne '. Saint Michael had won against Lucifer and his cohorts!

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