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The dwarf Zachéo

The legend of The dwarf Zachéo

The story begins with the high episcopal Lords of Sion. Zachéo, a dwarf monk originally from Anniviers, suggested to the bishop that he be sent to the heart of the Valley to evangelise among the population of barbarians.

A discussion began once he had arrived at the valley of Anniviers, but Zachéo had broken a golden rule - it was forbidden to go into valley without having been invited. For that transgression, the leader of the people of Anniviers condemned him to die - to be hurled to the bottom of a crevasse.
Zachéo grabbed the great bible, opened it up and suggested he do a deal: he was to be thrown in only when he had read to them all of the wonderful stories in the Bible.

The months went by, and Zachéo was not worried at all - on the contrary, his calmness and peace had won him the affection of the barbarians who were in no hurry to reach the end of the book, captivated as they were by the readings of the divine word.

Eventually the beautiful stories came to an end, and Zachéo was taken up to be offered to the muffled groans of the glacier. Zachéo was thrown into the mouth of the glacier, but slid rather than fell. He had fallen into the arms of a rift that gently placed him in its depths. Zachéo went along with the course of the stream continuing towards the foot of glacier, and the amazed dwarf was then spat out under a clear blue sky and a golden yellow sun.

The surprised barbarians threw themselves at his feet, and their leader stepped forward, proclaiming:
- Jesus of Nazareth is our God and Zachéo is his grand priest!

Thus did the monk Zachéo win his wager, and soon he was invited to the valley of Anniviers to become the curate there.

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