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The Vouivre of Louvie

The Vouivre of Louvie

In years gone by, the people of Nendaz controlled the alpine pasture of Louvie that was situated between the Massif of Mont-Fort and the glaciers of the Grand-Désert. Eventually, though, they abandoned their use of the pasture land because of the many animal losses they experienced every year as a result of a monstrous beast called the Vouivre.

The people of Bagnes, who were keen on that pasture land, resolved to get it for themselves. But right at the entry point to the green small valley, the Vouivre always got in the way of the boldest men. So one day the people took along a young bull, fed it milk for seven years, and then built it a powerful iron armour.

The day came when the bull was to face the Vouivre. The enormous monster, with its cat head and serpent tail, awaited the assailant. Then a piercing whistle was heard with notes that were lower than a fearful bellowing. The Vouivre and the bull were In each other's grip. After a long battle, the bull killed the animal as it sank its horns into the monster's heart, cutting it into a thousand pieces.

Ever since then, the municipality of Bagnes has used and benefited from the pasture land of Louvie - but the victor was never able to savour his victory. As soon as his armour had been ripped off he fell down dead, no doubt with the emotion of it, and not a trace of any wound could be seen on his body.

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