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The church of Haute-Nendaz

Architecture & monuments

In 1943, the population of Haute-Nendaz, tired of going all the way to Basse-Nendaz for church service or other religious celebrations, decided to build their own church. It would take them no less than ten years to complete their mission.

All the inhabitants of the village participate in the construction of the church of Haute-Nendaz during their free time and sometimes even on Sundays. The first services were held in a building with no roof or windows, both in winter and summer. Many problems delayed the progress of the work, such as the Mobilisation during the 2nd World War or the construction of the dams in the region.

Once the structural work was completed, there was a lack of money for the finishing touches such as the stained-glass windows. An appeal was launched to the population who responded positively to the request and many families participated financially as much as they could. Their names are inscribed at the bottom of the stained glass windows representing the beatitudes. These stained glass windows, as well as the Way of the Cross and the large mural in the choir nave, are the work of the Valaisan painter Paul Monier. For the latter, the painter was inspired by the legend of Saint Michel and the Lapey of Dzerjonne.

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