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250 kilometres of walks to reach the summits. Discover the natural wealth of the region at your own pace.

Advice for the Hiker

  • Be well prepared by taking into consideration tue time needed, the weather forecast and your physical condition. Depending on the season, get informed regarding the state of the itinerary
  • When hiking alone, family or friends should be informed of your itinerary
  • Wear good walking shoes, carry sun cream, sun glasses, warm clothing, a waterproof jacket, and something to eat and drink
  • Follow marked paths and do not wander off them
  • Be informed regarding the opening and closing times of the lift system, mountain cabins and restaurants
  • Some hiking walks have some difficult passages, please be careful.

behaviour along the bisses

  • Do not damage the bank, a loss of water can be costly
  • Do not throw anything into the water and/or obstruct the flow of water in any way
  • Do not ride your mountain bike along the bisse. Mountain biking along the bisses is forbidden.

Respect of the Environment

  • Many wild animals live in our forests and our mountains. They do not like neither your paper hankies nor your litter or any other rubbish. Please have a thought for them
  • The pastures, which are summer grazing for the cattle, are private property. Please respect them by remaining on the marked paths
  • Keep your dog on a leash to respect other walkers and the wildlife
  • Many wild flowers are protected. You may admire them in their natural habitat and at all times avoid picking them. 

Emergency : 144


General signalization of Switzerland's hiking-route network.  

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