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Combatseline - Bisse de Chervé - Lac du Grand Désert - Siviez-40989
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Itinéraire - Randonnée pédestre

Combatseline - Bisse de Chervé - Lac du Grand Désert - Siviez

Partial closing of the bisse de Chervé
From 2 to 20 September 2019, access to the dam by the bisse de Chervé will be sealed off. It will remain possible to go as far as the place known as "Chervé" but, on account of the rebuilding of the dry stone walls, access to the Cleuson dam will not be practicable. Take the itinerary Chervé - la Maretse to rejoin Siviez.

This mountain hike begins at the top of the Combatseline chairlift. Follow the Bisse de Chervé until you reach the St-Laurent cabin, before arriving at the natural lake called Lac du Grand Désert (white and red marked  mountain trail).

Departure point the yellow sign opposite the arrival place of the chairlift at Combatseline (Siviez).

You can reach Siviez via shuttle bus from Nendaz. Reservation obligatory until the evening before until 5.30pm at Nendaz Tourisme, +41 27 289 55 89. 

Duration 5h00
Ascension 477m
Descent 979m
Highest point 2646
Level Difficult


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